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Sales management

Sales Pipeline Management

Manage the lifecycle of all your customer leads and opportunities from inception to close to post-sales support and maintenance. Utilize the pipeline for resource and financial planning purposes.

Customer and Contact Management

A 360° view of all your customers and contacts—including full history of quotes, orders, payments, interactions, and more.

Quotes & Orders

Create advanced quotes from multiple custom templates and send it through your customizable approval processes. When it is approved by the customer, easily generate an order out of the quote.

Resource management

Resource Planning

Manage your entire resource base, whether full-time employees, contract staff, or third party suppliers. Capture and manage resource contact information, skills, location and mobility. Match unallocated resources to opportunities.

Resource costing

Define resource costs and market rates on a resource by resource basis, providing full visibility into proposed margins on each opportunity.

Physical Inventory

Manage physical inventory, from laptops to office chairs from within a single system. Define your authorized suppliers.

Delivery management

Project Management

Define your projects, allocate staff, and role based priveleges.

Time and Expense Management

Manage time reporting, expense reporting and approval processes from within the application. Automatically feed these into invoices for time and materials based projects, or those where expenses are recoverable.

Issue Management

Manage issues from initial report through to resolution. Assign unique resolution workflows for the common issue types. Ensure quality through proactive escalations and analytics.

Business management

Knowledge Base

Provide a repository for your policies and procedures, forms, and status reporting. Accessible 7/24 from anywhere in the world, you will always be on top of your business.

Business Intelligence

Generate immediate snapshots of your customers, sales, and operations with our easy-to-use, visual analytics.


Define customizable payment terms. Manage outstanding, current, and future account receivables. Send payment reminder for future payments. Invoices and payments can automatically be sent to your billing/accounting system (e.g. Quickbooks).

Recievables & Revenue

Understand instantly your revenue and accounts recievable, including views by currency, region, client, and order

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