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Is APS generation a time consuming process for your firm? Are sign-backs holding back your potential sales? We get it; there’s a lot of paperwork and time wasted on the back-and-forth between you and your potential homebuyers. However, there is an easier way.

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Customer Outreach

Sales Pipeline Management

It’s important to carefully qualify your prospective buyers and listen attentively. Effectively capture customer opportunities, nurture them along with tailored campaigns to cater to customers within varying stages of the sales funnel. From inception, closing to post-sales service. Kloudville provides transparency into the sales process of your business by adding clarity to otherwise obscure mechanisms within your sales pipeline to allow better management of resources.

“APS generation was a time-consuming process – each document taking anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Additionally, the process of coordinating signatures from all signing officers was also tedious. With Kloudville, the APS document is now generated electronically and all required signatures, preloaded into the app, are automatically populated on the document. The APS document also needed continual updating as home buyers moved through the administrative phases of buying a home. Kloudville was able to create a process that allowed for real-time collaboration on the document.”
– Kettlebeck

Customer Conversion

Product Lifecycle Management

You can also plan ahead with Kloudville’s PLM to define when homes are to be introduced, orderable, and discontinued. Lot reservations can be tracked with Kloudville’s inventory management system, which is seamlessly intregrated with PLM solution, along with any suppliers you might employ.

Product Information Management

With Kloudville’s PIM you can diversify the list of homes with custom attributes, along with images, floor plans, and video tours to help streamline the viewing process for your prospects.


Utilize catalogs to organize and display the products within your inventory, or in this case the homes within your listings. Catalog management offers the capabilities to create public, vertical-specific, or customer-specific catalogs.


Create advanced quotes from multiple custom templates and send it through your customizable approval processes. When it is approved by the customer, easily generate an order out of the quote prior to drafting agreement of purchase and sale.


Customer-specific and segment-specific pricing with support for multiple currencies and advanced pricing formulas based on various factors including cost, MSRP, volume, etc.

Product Types

You can also diversify catalogs with product types to incorporate any sevices you might offer, including varieties, bundles, or configurable products.

Billing and Payment


Kloudville is integrated with leading payment gateways to support online payments via credit cards and debit cards. Traditional payment methods including wire transfer, cheques, and bank drafts are also supported.


Define configurable payment terms. Manage outstanding, current, and future account receivables. Send payment reminder for future payments. Invoices and payments can automatically be sent to your billing, or accounting system (e.g. Quickbooks).

Business Intelligence


Determine campaign and sales success and boost your team's producitivity with KPI reports, along with making data-driven decisions by generating immediate snapshots of your customers, sales, and operations with our easy-to-use, visual analytics.

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