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Customers and Leads

Sales Pipeline Management

Manage the lifecycle of all your customer leads and opportunities from inception to close to post-sales support and maintenance. Utilize the pipeline for resource and financial planning purposes.

Customer and Contact Management

A 360° view of all of your customers and contacts—including full history of quotes, orders, payments, interactions, and more.

Products and Catalogs


Create public, vertical-specific, or customer-specific catalogs.

Product Information Management

Products can have fully custom product attributes, along with images, manuals, and videos.

Product Lifecycle Management

Plan ahead and define when products are introduced, orderable, and discontinued.

Product Types

Sell products, services, variety (e.g. different sizes and colors), bundles, and configurable products (custom products). Supports mandatory and optional charges and add-ons.


Customer-specific and segment-specific pricing with support for multiple currencies and advanced pricing formulas based on various factors including cost, MSRP, volume, etc.

Sales and Commerce


Create advanced quotes from multiple custom templates and send it through your customizable approval processes. When it is approved by the customer, easily generate an order out of the quote.


Truly omni-channelbuy/sell, ship/receive, fulfill/supportanywhere, anytime. Create one order with multiple ship-to addresses.


Our tax engine supports GST-based or VAT-based taxes and automatically calculates taxes based on pre-defined tax rules.


Price-based, quantity-limited, time-limited, segment-specific, product-specific coupons with fixed prices or percentage-based.

Billing and Payment


Kloudville is integrated with leading payment gateways to support online payments via credit cards and debit cards. Traditional payment methods including wire transfer, cheques, and bank drafts are also supported.


Define customizable payment terms. Manage outstanding, current, and future account receivables. Send payment reminder for future payments. Invoices and payments can automatically be sent to your billing/accounting system (e.g. Quickbooks).

Supply Chain


Shipping costs and handling charges are calculated based on predefined rules. We also support real-time integration with courier companies to get quotes, shipping labels, and tracking numbers.

Order Pre-Processing

Advance orders through various steps (e.g. tasks, reviews and approvals), until it is ready to be released to the warehouse.

Order Routing

Have multi-warehouses across multiple regions? No problem. We support rules that optimally allocate orders to warehouses based on availability, distance, shipping cost, priority, and more.

Order Fulfillment

Use waves to fulfill orders based on various criteria such as priority, shipping method, etc. Enhance order processing with our optimized picking, packing, and shipping solutions. Transparent with internal and external system and email notifications.


Manage supplier data, compare pricings and lead times, generate and send RFQs and purchase orders. Seamlessly check their prices and availability in real-time.

Warehouse Management

Real-time visibility across all stores and warehouse. Advanced functionality related adjustments, cycle-count, physical inventory, bins, lots, and more.

Business Intelligence


Generate immediate snapshots of your customers, sales, and operations with our easy-to-use, visual analytics.

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