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Key Features

  • Recurring sales modelling
  • Sophisticated workflows
  • Organized and systematic handling & fulfillment
  • Advanced payment terms
  • Flexible adjustments and maintenance
  • Analytics

Recurring sales modelling

Products and services can be offered on different subscription plans, with various configurations including custom periods (e.g., weekly and monthly) and different commitment levels. Subscription dates can be set by customers, or maybe enforce based on business rules; for example, some subscriptions may be limited to start on the first day of the month only, while other subscriptions may start at any time based on customer request.

Workflows for activations, renewals, expirations, and cancellations

Sophisticated workflows may be defined to meet simple to complex business requirements (e.g., subscriptions may require approval, preparation, and resource allocation before activation)

Organized and systematic handling & fulfillment

Kloudville’s subscription management app handles various scenarios such as product refills (e.g., send coffee pods to customers once a month), services with work orders (e.g., offer accounting services on a quarterly basis), or simply send an invoice bi-weekly for ongoing SaaS subscriptions.

Advanced payment terms

Subscriptions can be defined as pre-paid (pay-as-you-go) or post-paid. Moreover, businesses may request upfront payment from customers that could be applied to their first or last invoices (for example, a subscription may require the first month, and the last 2 month fees upfront). System allows full flexibility to define and customize due dates, invoice dates, and automatic fund withdrawal dates. In addition, surcharge for specific payment methods, such as credit card payments can be added automatically.

Flexible adjustments and maintenance

Kloudville goes beyond creation and handling of subscriptions and allows various adjustments after a subscription has been created. For example, prices and plans may be adjusted, subscription may be put on hold, or credit may get added to customer accounts.


Upper management and other stakeholders are offered with a full overview of subscription statuses across the business. Performance can be monitored with Kloudville’s informative KPIs to identify shortcomings and opportunities in various areas of subscription management.

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