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Key Features

  • Create, update, and cancel orders
  • Customizable business process flows
  • Multilocation orders
  • Quotes
  • Customizable notification system
  • Order decomposition
  • Track all customer interactions
  • Order analytics

Create, Cancel, and Update Orders

Kloudville’s order management application allows sales personnel to create sales orders from finalized quotes. The system allows a sales associate to update the order if a customer requires any change. Similarly, the order can be cancelled if required.

Customizable Business Process Flows

Kloudville’s order management application can support simple to complex business processes. It is fully customizable such as allowing notifications to be set up with each step in the business flow, for example.

The inherent flexibility of Kloudville’s platform allows you to set up your own business process flow for automation by the system. This includes all steps required to complete order processing.

Kloudville’s business process flow provides the capability to manage multiple business roles that participate in the order process. So, different roles can be assigned different tasks in the business process flow.

Multi-Location Orders

Kloudville’s order management application supports multi-location orders (i.e. products and services for multiple sites in a single sales order).

Order Decomposition

Kloudville’s order management application supports complex order decomposition to fulfill the required order more accurately. Each product or service on the order can be decomposed into separate sub-orders with their own business process.

Customizable Notification System

You can fully configure and control when order notifications are sent to your customers. Simply select which points of the order fulfilment process require a notification to be sent.

You can also customize the content in emails being sent to customers to maintain consistent company branding.

Track All Customer Interactions

Kloudville’s order management application keeps track of all interactions with customer and business process entities.

Interactions can be stored as file attachments, comments, emails, and website links. All interactions are also easily accessible in the customer 360° view of the customer management application.


Quotes are highly configurable and offer many of the features that are present in order management. When creating quotes, all customer information is pulled from their profile, allowing for a simple and quick creation process.

Quotes include a customized business process, allowing specific roles to be assigned to manage specific tasks of the quoting process.

All customer interactions are tracked, so all dialogue regarding specific quotes are easily viewed from a customer’s profile.

Additional features for quotes include multi-location quotes and support for complex pricing and charges.

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