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Key Features

  • Full PLM (product lifecycle management) from introduction to discontinuation
  • Advanced PIM (product information management) with descriptive attributes and rich content
  • Role-based and project-based catalog updating
  • Integrate with suppliers or warehouses using APIs

Fully Customizable Catalogs

Catalogs can be customized to meet your needs with the following features:

  • Multiple catalogues
  • Public or portal access
  • Customer-specific or different customer pricing within the same catalog
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple languages

You can fully customize catalog categories as well as product and service specifications.

Product Management

You can manage products and services in your catalog with category-based specifications. As well, Kloudville allows for full PLM (product lifecycle management) from introduction to discontinuation.

Item types include:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Virtual products
  • Configurable products
  • Product varieties
  • Bundles

Configurable Product View

Display your products the way you want. You can control how your customers search, view, and interact with products and services in your online catalog.

Rich content editors allow you to input images and videos to best showcase your products. You can also upload supplementary materials on the product page, such as manuals and user guides.

Catalog Projects

All catalogs are managed using a project-based approach. Create new projects to make multiple changes to a catalogue, which can later be published together as one big update on a specific date.

A change log allows you to see what changes were made at specified times and lets you easily roll back changes if needed.

Import Catalog Data

Kloudville’s catalog management application supports integration with product data suppliers such as IceCat and Etilize. These services provide product information for millions of products from over 200,000 manufacturers, allowing you to quickly create catalogs without having to manually input product descriptions or images.

APIs for System Integration

Seamlessly integrate catalogs with your supplier or warehouse, so product stock information always stays up to date.

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