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Customer Management

Using our customer management application, you have a 360-degree view of your customers. You can capture new customer data and view order history and analytics. 

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Order Management

Manage and create orders, quotes, and invoices within our order management application. You also have the ability to track each step of the order-fulfillment process.

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Catalog Management

Define products, services, pricing, and promotions with our catalog management application. You can even import standard product data from thousands of brands and set customer-specific pricing.

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Pricing Management

The pricing management application allows you to define your pricing rules using cost and MSRP to set pricing structure for your products. All pricing rules have start and end dates, allowing you to define several pricing rules for different time periods for a single product.

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Inventory Management

Manage a multi- or single-location inventory and integrate with your suppliers for real-time data on pricing and product availability.

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Billing and Account Management

Easily customize and manage customer accounts and invoicing. From personalized transaction emails to invoice overviews, we offer an easy and effective way to keep you and your customers on top of account payments.

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My Company

My company grants stakeholders the ability to access company information, employee profiles, and a comprehensive assortment off all other information related to your organization. 

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Business Portal

Allow your customers to log in to the portal to browse your catalog, view current orders, or place new orders.

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View insight reports and dashboards to help your business make smarter, more strategic decisions.

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Issue Management

Stay organized and deal with customer issues more effectively with our issue management application.

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Expense Management

Utilized streamlined and efficient expense management. Employees and contractors can easily submit their expenses through Kloudville for review and payment.

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Subscription Management

Subscription management is designed to address various recurring revenue requirements, including product refills, service management, and SaaS-type services. 

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