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Kloudville Inc. logo

Who We Are

Kloudville was founded in 2013 by David Keller, a lead programming architect. Over the past three years, we have developed a series of full scale cloud-based applications for businesses.

What We Do

Kloudville is a cloud-based software-as-service providing end-to-end applications for any business that needs order management, customer management, and product catalog management functions.

You can create and configure your business portal within your browser

Cloud-based implementation: avoid infrastructure, maintenance, and administrative costs

Full global reach: allows for customers all over the world

Highly flexible: Kloudville components can be used as individual applications and services

Highly customizable: individual components can be replaced with customer implementation

Highly integratable: allows integration with existing customer systems

Brings enterprise-grade solutions to any business

Our Mission

To be a leader in rapidly-customizable cloud business applications by providing enterprise-grade products to any business

Our Values

At Kloudville, we devote ourselves to quality work, innovation, and dedication to deliver the best product to our clients.